Massaging for Cancer Patients

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Massaging for Cancer Patients

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Massage for cancer patients is not a substitute for chemotherapy or any other medical treatment. However, massage can enhance quality of life for cancer patients suffering from all types of cancer. The goal of this treatment is to complement traditional medicine, and the focus is on treating the patient as a whole person, not just the disease. Visit A & J Beauty and Day Spa if you need massage therapy for cancer patients in Boston, MA.

Massage is a great way to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety caused by cancer. Other benefits include feeling better during treatment, comfort, relief, and wellness. Our massage therapists have been helping cancer patients for years through the power of integrative massage. While massage is by no means an innovative technique, our experienced masseuses have created specialized massages for cancer patients. We also customize each session based on the needs of our clients! There’s no way to manage symptoms better than the power of massage.

A concern that many potential clients have is that massage might spread cancer. However, this concern can be easily dispelled. Cancer develops and spreads when changes occur in a cell’s DNA (genetic mutations), and during other processes in the body. Research has shown that massage can safely be given to cancer patients during all stages of cancer. Additionally, our massage therapist has undergone specialty oncology massage training! Some patients prefer to have their massage during or after their chemotherapy. We will work with you to find your preferences, and make sure you feel comfortable at all times.

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